Sans-serif all caps Burja is a humanistic linear typeface family with a lowered center of gravity or lowered x-height, respectively). Typeface family contains all diacritics of the Latin alphabet and because of its own “display” characterristics remains only on the level of the capital letters. The letter type of Burja Sans is made from two extreme thicknesses – from extra light and extra bold. The development of a font, starting from the same skeleton of the letter, explores the form and a counterform for the extreme thickness of the stroke. The challenge of creating an alphanumeric type was the search for internal balances in signs. I used the interpolation technique to develope a series of intermediate cuts, and later corrected them optically. The development of the font is currently ongoing. The font has come in the Typography Served selection.

Poster of display typeface Burja. 9 weights uppercase. http://instagram.com/p/kcXHEhyJSe/